Sustainable Teaching Podcast

Episode 21 – The Teacher Running for Congress with Sean A. Thom

I am honored to have Sean A. Thom join me to talk about his campaign to represent New Jersey’s 2nd congressional district in the US House of Representatives. Listen to us discuss his inspiration for running, what he believes in and my many frustrations with politics.

References from the episode:
Sean on Twitter
Sean’s Campaign Site
Sean’s BamRadioNetwork EdWord Blog Posts

Episode 20 – All Things ELA with Susan Hitt

I am honored to have New Hanover County Schools ELA Lead Teacher Susan Hitt join me to talk English Language Arts. We talk about ELA in the modern classroom and educational technology. Listen to us discuss Silent Sustained Reading – yea or nay, and why.

References from the episode:
Susan on Twitter
Susan’s Education Celebration ELA blog
Edcampbeach (New Hanover County, NC)
Disrupting Thinking: Why How We Read Matters by Kylene Beers
Flipgrid for giving students a platform to share what they have learned –
The #TeacherTip Twitter hashtag
Keith Hughes, author of great #TeacherTip tweets

Episode 19 – Edtech Makes PE Awesome with Carlos Galvez

I am honored to have the great pleasure of speaking with one my favorite PE teachers, Carlos Galvez who joins me from Shenzhen, China. Carlos and I discuss the value of edtech for Physical Education. Listen has Carlos tells me about using technology with my students and melts my skepticism about 360° cameras in education.

References from the episode:
Look, Mom, I’m Writing a Term Paper on My Smartphone (The Wall Street Journal)
DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter (Carlos’s Drone)
HoloBuilder for making 360° digital breakouts
ThreeSixtyEDU (educational resources for – 360° cameras)
Carlos on Twitter 

Episode 18 – The Value of Music in Education with Corey McPherson

I am honored to have the great pleasure of speaking with one my favorite music teachers, Corey McPherson. Corey and I discuss the value of music in education and ways music teachers can use technology to light a spark in their students.

References from the episode:

Corey on Twitter
Ohio by Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young – One of Mr. Mullaney’s favorite tools for teaching about Vietnam and Richard Nixon.
Smart Music – Great app for teaching students music and assessment.
Soundtrap – Great for students to edit music. I edit this podcast in Soundtrap.
Adobe Spark
Yousician – learn how to play guitar in an app! Google Play iTunes Store
Corey on Facebook

Episode 17 – A Love of ELA and Each Other with Cristie Watson and Tom Watson

I am honored to have my former colleagues and married ELA teachers Cristie Watson and Tom Watson join me for episode 17. Cristie and Tom share great practices for the ELA classroom and how successfully manage marriage and working in the same school.

Cristie on Twitter
Tom on Twitter
Google Expeditions
My blog post about leading students (including Cristie’s) on Google Expeditions
Google Classroom
August 2017 Updates to Google Classroom blog post
Grammarly Google Chrome extension
John Green – An Open Letter to Kids Returning to School
Verso for class discussion
Bitmoji Chrome extension (use for book talks and summaries)
TripAdvisor – Use the reviews to teach tone!
9 Mistakes New Teachers Make by Cristie Watson – Education Week Teacher
Key Questions for New Teachers and Their Schools by Cristie Watson – Education Week Teacher
Fostering a Long-Lasting Love of Teaching by Cristie Watson – Education Week Teacher

Episode 16 – History, Edtech, and Innovation with Adam Juarez

I am honored to have innovative technology integrator Adam Juarez join me for episode 16. We talk about edtech in the history classroom, how Adam coaches teachers on using technology and his Cardinal Innovation Center. We wrap up by geeking about my device of choice, Chromebooks.

References from the episode:

Adam’s website
Adam on Twitter
Google MyMaps
Google Classroom teaser video (2014). It turns out Google has taken it down. Here is another Google posted in 2014 to tease Google Classroom
The Great War YouTube channel
DocHub for manipulating PDFs
Cardinal Innovation Center
EquatIO (Awesome Google Chrome extension for Math)
Squid (Android app for note taking)
#cvtechtalk on Twitter
CVTechTalk Google+ Community

Episode 15 – Excited About Teaching with Chrystal Hoe

I am honored to have innovative technology integrator Chrystal Hoe join me for episode 15. We talk about how she used educational technology in her French classroom and her dream that all teachers are excited about teaching, connecting with peers, and furthering their practice.

References from the episode:

Chrystal’s website
Chrystal on Twitter
Google Voice for having students leave voicemails – great for world language!
Google Expeditions
Lead Like a Pirate by Shelley Burgess
Google Photos for school photo albums
Innovator’s Mindset by George Couros
MA Student Privacy Alliance
National Student Data Privacy Consortium

Episode 14 – VR is the Future of Education with Heidi Bernasconi

I am honored to have innovative high school science teacher Heidi Bernasconi join me for episode 14. After Heidi establishes her credentials as a rigorous teacher with high standards (at the expense of high school Tom) we discuss how she uses educational technology and virtual reality with her students. Listen and learn about how VR will impact the future of education.

References from the episode:

Heidi on Twitter
Google Expeditions
TES Teacher Resources
TES Lessons to accompany Google Expeditions
A Walk Home Through Dementia (360° Video)
Remind App
New York Times VR app
New York Times 360° Videos

Episode 13 – Choosing to Give Kids What They Deserve with Jenny Conrad

I am honored to have innovative math coach Jenny Conrad join me for episode 13. Jenny and I talk about how educational technology lets teachers give kids what they deserve.

References from the episode:

Jenny on Twitter
Jenny’s Website
Jenny’s Choose Your Own Adventure with Google Slides blog post
Slides Carnival to make beautiful Google Slides
How To Ensure Students Are Actively Engaged and Not Just Compliant (MindShift)
Autocrat Google Sheets add-on for feedback
The Power of Feedback by John Hattie (PDF)

Episode 12 – When the Teacher has Cancer with Justin Birckbichler

I am honored to have innovative teacher Justin Birckbichler join me for episode 12. Justin and I spoke about his experience with testicular cancer. Listen to hear how he handled this situation with his students and how he made it through chemotherapy. Justin explains that society needs to start speaking about testicular cancer and that men need to check themselves and see their doctor.

References from the episode:

How to self-check for testicular cancer
Justin on Twitter
Justin’s A Ballsy Sense of Tumor blog
Justin’s A Ballsy Sense of Tumor Instagram
Justin’s Education blog
Justin’s GoFundMe for medical bills
Justin’s e-mail
Explain Everything iPad App
Google Keep
GoNoodle for learner brain breaks

Episode 11 – The Beauty of Teaching Your Students Visual Literacy with Katie Diebold

I am honored to have Katie Diebold join me for episode 11. Have you ever been horrified by a student presentation? Good news! Katie has a solution that beautifies student work while giving learners invaluable 21st-century skills. Katie and I discuss her unique career and the benefits of teaching students principles of design. Enjoy the episode and tweet Katie (@katiediebold) ideas for naming her visual literacy project using the hashtag #designprojectname.

References from the episode:

Katie on Twitter
Adobe Color CC for color scheme (not to pair Google fonts
Canva to create imagery
Tom’s blog post about Canva
Colorzilla Google Chrome extension 

Episode 10 – Deprogramming Ourselves with Derek McCoy

I am honored to have Derek McCoy join me for episode 5. Derek and I spoke in person at EdCampBeach in April 2017. This is my second in-person interview for the podcast. Derek shares great insights about deprogramming ourselves and ending the practices such as tracking that deny students opportunities.

References from the episode:

Derek on Twitter
Derek’s Website
Modern-Day Segregation in Public Schools – The Atlantic

Episode 9 – Awesome EDU Blogger Meagan Kelly

I am honored to have Meagan Kelly join me for episode 9. We talk about innovative math instruction and her blog, an example of a teacher sharing game-changing resources.

References from the episode:

Meagan on Twitter
Meagan’s website/awesome blog
Screencastify in the Chrome Web Store
Donors Choose
Tom’s Digital Breakouts
Meagan’s Frayer Model Google Slides
Simon Sinek’s Start with Why TED Talk
Meagan’s 5 Google Slide Tips and Tricks
Meagan’s YouTube Channel

Episode 8 – Doing Things Differently with Dr. Sandy Chambers

I am honored to have innovative principal Dr. Sandy Chambers join me for episode 8. We talk about creating a welcoming atmosphere for students and teachers and the pressing need to do things differently in education. Learn about why Tom fears observations and Dr. Chambers’s practices for making the observation process a positive for teachers.

References from the episode:

Dr. Chambers on Twitter
Dr. Chambers on Facebook
Hortons Creek Elementary (Opening Fall 2017)
Hortons Creek Elementary on Facebook 
Horton’s Creek Elementary on Twitter
Google Plus
GoNoodle to get kids moving:
Watch Dr. Chambers at her new school opening in August on YouTube
I Will Not Let An Exam Result Decide My Fate||Spoken Word by Suli Breaks on YouTube
Bring on the learning revolution! | Sir Ken Robinson TED Talk on YouTube
How great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek TED Talk on YouTube

Episode 7 – Awesome Inclusion with Sarah Christesen

I am honored to have my former colleague and awesome inclusion teacher Sarah Christesen join me for episode 7. We talk about how inclusion teachers can be efficacious in their practice and example of our principal using data to pump up teachers.

References from the episode:

Sarah on Twitter
Sarah’s Growing Polymathic blog
Our principal Eric Yarborough on Twitter
Six approaches to co-teaching from SERC
Intervention Central

Episode 6 – Fired Up About Teaching with Jane Highley

I am honored to have secondary Social Studies teacher and fellow educational podcaster Jane Highley join me for episode 6. We talk about how Jane uses technology to engage students and how she uses podcasting to document great things at her school. Plus, you’ll hear Tom talk about his appreciation of immigrants to our country such as Jane.

References from the episode:

Jane on Twitter
Jane’s Our Best Stories Podcast which documents the work she and her colleagues are doing at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy
Sutori for timelines
Chris Aviles on Twitter
Google for Education Training Center to get Google certified
Screencastify Google Chrome extension for screencasting:
Podcasting audience statistics
Blog post about Grudgeball

Episode 5 – Becoming Better with Phil Echols

I am honored to have Phil Echols  join me for episode 5. Phil and I spoke in person at EdCampWake in March 2017. This is my first in-person interview for the podcast. Phil shares great insights into supporting both students and teachers as they strive to become better. 

References from the episode:

Phil on Twitter
Phil’s Website
The Become Better Website
Phil’s Become Better Podcast
The problem with that equity vs. equality graphic you’re using

Episode 4 – Effective Technology Integration with Joe Benvenga

I am honored to have high school Global Science teacher Joe Benvenga join me for episode 4. We discuss our transition from special education to regular education, the value of connecting on Twitter, and how Joe and his colleague collaborate to be an awesome two-person PLC.

Joe on Twitter
Joe’s Website

Episode 3 – Effective Coaching with Ali Halsey

I am honored to have instructional coach and fellow former secondary Social Studies teacher/vegan Ali Halsey join me for episode 3. We talk about ed tech in the elementary classroom, effective coaching, some great ways to incorporate technology into Social Studies (and more) and our love of vegan food.

References from the episode:

Ali on Twitter
Ali’s Sanger Ed Tech site
Seesaw for student consumption and creation
Seesaw online PD
Canva for having students make beautiful art and learn visual literacy
Michael Hernandez on Twitter
Michael Hernandez’s website
Khan Academy Storytelling

Episode 2 – Giving It Away with Kendra Tyler

I am honored to have Kendra Tyler join me for episode 2. Kendra makes awesome lessons using hyperdocs – and gives them away for no financial reward. We talk about her career and the approach of making great lessons and giving them away for free.

References from the episode:

Kendra’s Teaching Without a Quill blog
Kendra on Twitter
Kendra’s To Kill A Mockingbird Hyperdoc
Read&Write for Google Chrome Extension
The Great War on YouTube
My Paul Jarvis reference is from episode 4 of the Anthony’s Desk podcast.
Stanford History Education Group Read Like a Historian
Google Arts and Culture

Episode 1 – Pilot

I introduce myself and the Sustainable Teaching podcast. After thirteen years in education, I started this podcast to advance the causes of making the profession sustainable and the school day engaging for students.

References from the episode:

Diane Ravitch on Twitter
Valerie Strauss on Twitter
ROAR for Good
The Birth Lottery Does Not Define You| Yasmine Mustafa | TEDxPhiladelphia
Rick Lavoie F.A.T. City
My John Green Crash Course reference
School is a Prison and Damaging Our Kids (
Pam Selle, The Webivore