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Episode 5 – Becoming Better with Phil Echols

I am honored to have Phil Echols  join me for episode 5. Phil and I spoke in person at EdCampWake in March 2017. This is my first in-person interview for the podcast. Phil shares great insights into supporting both students and teachers as they strive to become better. 

References from the episode:

Phil on Twitter
Phil’s Website
The Become Better Website
Phil’s Become Better Podcast
The problem with that equity vs. equality graphic you’re using

Episode 4 – Effective Technology Integration with Joe Benvenga

I am honored to have high school Global Science teacher Joe Benvenga join me for episode 4. We discuss our transition from special education to regular education, the value of connecting on Twitter, and how Joe and his colleague collaborate to be an awesome two-person PLC.

Joe on Twitter
Joe’s Website

Episode 3 – Effective Coaching with Ali Halsey

I am honored to have instructional coach and fellow former secondary Social Studies teacher/vegan Ali Halsey join me for episode 3. We talk about ed tech in the elementary classroom, effective coaching, some great ways to incorporate technology into Social Studies (and more) and our love of vegan food.

References from the episode:

Ali on Twitter
Ali’s Sanger Ed Tech site
Seesaw for student consumption and creation
Seesaw online PD
Canva for having students make beautiful art and learn visual literacy
Michael Hernandez on Twitter
Michael Hernandez’s website
Khan Academy Storytelling

Episode 2 – Giving It Away with Kendra Tyler

I am honored to have Kendra Tyler join me for episode 2. Kendra makes awesome lessons using hyperdocs – and gives them away for no financial reward. We talk about her career and the approach of making great lessons and giving them away for free.

References from the episode:

Kendra’s Teaching Without a Quill blog
Kendra on Twitter
Kendra’s To Kill A Mockingbird Hyperdoc
Read&Write for Google Chrome Extension
The Great War on YouTube
My Paul Jarvis reference is from episode 4 of the Anthony’s Desk podcast.
Stanford History Education Group Read Like a Historian
Google Arts and Culture

Episode 1 – Pilot

I introduce myself and the Sustainable Teaching podcast. After thirteen years in education, I started this podcast to advance the causes of making the profession sustainable and the school day engaging for students.

References from the episode:

Diane Ravitch on Twitter
Valerie Strauss on Twitter
ROAR for Good
The Birth Lottery Does Not Define You| Yasmine Mustafa | TEDxPhiladelphia
Rick Lavoie F.A.T. City
My John Green Crash Course reference
School is a Prison and Damaging Our Kids (Salon.com)
Pam Selle, The Webivore

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