About Sustainable Teaching

In March 2014 I realized the isolating nature of the teaching profession was affecting my career satisfaction. Six months earlier I left Special Education to finally realize my dream of becoming a high school Social Studies teacher. And I was miserable.

I decided I needed to both connect with other educators and shine the light on what I did in my classroom. Blogging was a perfect solution. That spring, I developed outlines of four blog posts about tools and techniques I used in my classroom.

It took me a while but in August I published two posts. They were followed by two more in September. That school year was the best of my career. My goal ever since has been to publish one post a month. I usually meet it and sometimes exceed it. My only rule is that each post has to share an idea, strategy, or tool that makes teaching more sustainable and instruction more engaging. Hence the name, Sustainable Teaching. Connecting with other educators through this blog has brought me profound career satisfaction and improved my practice.

Life moved me from Pennsylvania to North Carolina in June 2015. This blog played a role in my landing my dream job as the digital learning coach at an awesome middle school. I hope you consider starting your own blog to share your what you do with other educators. We need your voice!

Please have a look around and enjoy my posts. Some are now very dated. And that’s fine. I hope you find something useful.

Tom Mullaney

May 2017

Durham, NC


  1. Thanks Tom for sharing your experience and expertise. I’m looking forward to your future posts and implementing these tools with my middle school students.

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  2. Katie, thanks for the feedback! I have a few posts I’m working on to share things that have worked for me. I’m trying even more this coming school year and am excited to document that as I go.


  3. I was looking for a way to leverage Google Forms as an assessment when I found your post regarding a Google Extension that could accomplish that. I started reading others posts and find it really helpful. Thank you for sharing these useful tips to help educators.


  4. I’m interested in flipping my classroom using Google Claaroom. Anyone have any suggestions as to length and formats that work best with high schoolers?


  5. Hello Tom,
    Some advice needed on the Google slides replace image video.
    If i had made an animation (ie ball bouncing) and i wanted to replace the same image on multiple slides. Can i do a mass edit or do i have to edit every slide?
    Thanks so much


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