Jamboard in the Classroom (Video)

Jamboard in the Classroom

I had the honor of sharing insights about using Jamboard in the classroom with Nathan Gorrondona of BenQ during a recent webinar. In addition to tips about Jamboard in the classroom, Ben shared that Jamboard is now $999 for a limited time. Imagine the surprise of students and teachers returning to school in the fall to see a new Jamboard!

Jamboard and BenQ video with a play button. Image links to the webinar. Free registration required.
Images links to the Jamboard webinar (Free registration required).

One correction from the video: I was asked about viewing Jams in Google Classroom. I suggested using the preview icon in the assignment’s Google Drive folder. Unfortunately, that preview has the same issue that Jams have in the Classroom feedback screen:

Besides that error, I think the webinar has some very useful suggestions for Jamboard in the classroom. Please share your feedback in the comments.

Does your school need remote professional development to make the most of Jamboard? Have a look at some of my offerings and connect with me on Twitter.

What do you think? What activities do you create for students using Google Jamboard? Please comment below or tweet me, @TomEMullaney.

Photo by Wikipedia.


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