Talking Jamboard on the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast (2021 Update)

Jamboard on the 10 Minute Teacher podcast

I am honored to share that I was a guest on the 10 Minute Teacher Podcast with Vicki Davis. We revisited a topic we spoke about in 2018: Google Jamboard.

Ten Minute Teacher Podcast: Google Jamboard 2021 with Tom Mullaney

We spoke about instructional uses for Jamboard in the classroom. I also shared relatively recent updates to Jamboard including:

The episode was recorded in November 2020. Since then, Google has announced that Jamboard Jams can now have custom backgrounds.

Custom Backgrounds in the Jamboard Web App (YouTube)

What do you think? What activities do you create for students using Google Jamboard? Please comment below or tweet me, @TomEMullaney.

Does your school need remote professional development to make the most of Jamboard? Have a look at some of my offerings and connect with me on Twitter.

Photo by Patrick Perkins on Unsplash.



  1. Hi. Thank you for sharing. Although I feel like Google image Is a great addition to the updated Jambord my only concern is on the images that can be viewed. For example when I typed in the word woman, there were in my opinion some inappropriate photos. Is this blocked when a student views images?


    1. Hi Belle, thank you for your question. Google Image search in Jamboard is safe search and Creative Commons. I just searched “woman” in it when signed in to a district account. I did not notice any inappropriate images.


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