Congratulations! It’s Your First Day of Google Docs!

I have advocated for teachers thinking beyond word processing when asking their students to tell stories. I have even argued for teachers decreasing the time students spend in Google Docs in favor of more creative apps.

Having said that, I am very grateful to Google Docs. It ended my frustrating and unrewarding relationship with Microsoft Word. The idea of real-time collaboration and feedback in word processing was unheard of before Google Docs.

I am excited to share that Google for Education has created a First Day of Google Docs resource in their Google Teacher Center to help teachers get started. Additionally, I am honored that my video about using Google Keep for narrative feedback in Google Docs is part of this resource. 

Does your school, organization, or conference need professional development to help teachers make the most of G Suite for Education? Have a look at some of my offerings and connect with me on Twitter.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash


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