Talking Android Apps on The Chromebook Classroom Podcast

I recently had the honor and privilege of joining John Sowash on his great podcast, The Chromebook Classroom. We had a great conversation about Android Apps on Chromebooks.

Here are some of the highlights with timestamps:

  • I discuss the advantages of the Google Classroom mobile app. (23:58)
  • I talk about the benefits of the Google Keep mobile app. (28:56)
  • A discussion of Google Expeditions, Jamboard, and Science Journal. (28:56)
  • What should schools look for when purchasing Chromebooks to run Android apps? (32:36)
  • My hot take on Chromebook screen size. (36:50)
  • What if Google adds mobile features to the web versions of Classroom, Keep, and Jamboard? (44:16)
  • Can I use Adobe Photoshop on a Chromebook? (46:13)
  • A discussion of drawing on Chromebooks. (48:20)
  • Ideas for using Jamboard in the classroom. (51:02)

Additionally, John has curated links from our conversation on his website.

What do you think? Are you excited to use Android apps on Chromebooks? Let me know or share your questions in the comments below or tweet me, @TomEMullaney.

Does your school, organization, or conference need professional development to help teachers make the most of Chromebooks? Have a look at some of my offerings and connect with me on Twitter.

Photo by Matt Botsford on Unsplash


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