Expeditions and Tour Creator – Perfect Together

As Google updates its apps to reflect its material design, this new look has arrived in an unexpected place – the Google Expeditions Android app. Check out the new home screen, the Discover tab:

A screen capture of the Google Expeditions home screen.
The new home screen.

The new look is beautiful but more importantly, click the “Library” tab for a special surprise:

A screen capture of the Google Expeditions Library tab. "My Tours" is circled.
You’re seeing that right. “My Tours” is now an option!

Notice “My Tours”? Tap that to see tours created you have created in Google Tour Creator!

A screen capture of My Tours in the Google Expeditions Library tab.
Tour Creator tours available in Google Expeditions!

Now, teachers can lead students on tours they have created in Tour Creator. There is even a message in the Tour Creator editor reminding creators of the ability to view tours in Google Expeditions.

Screen capture of the Tour Creator creation screen. It includes the message, "Using this tour in Google Expeditions?

To guide this tour, make sure you're signed in with the same Google account that you use for Google Expeditions."

Here is a video showing how Tour Creator tours appear in the Expeditions library after being published:

Additionally, this Expeditions-Tour Creator integration works in reverse. When viewing a Tour Creator tour on the web, the share button has a Google Expeditions icon. This applies to any publicly published Tour Creator tour. Published tours are available at Google’s Poly Tour page.

A screen capture of a Tour Creator tour that shows Google Expeditions in the Share menu.
Open a tour in Google Expeditions!

Clicking the Expeditions icon will add the tour to your library in the Expeditions app on Android phones and Play Store enabled Chromebooks.

This brings us to an important caveat. As of January 2019, Google’s new material design is only present in the Google Expeditions Android app. The new look and Tour Creator integration are not available in the Apple App Store Google Expeditions app. So this does not apply to Google Expeditions on iPads yet.

UPDATE: Good news! As of March 2019, this also applied to the Google Expeditions iOS app for iPads!

Thank you for reading.  Do you have questions about Google Expeditions and Tour Creator? Please comment below or tweet me, @TomEMullaney. Thanks for reading.



  1. Thank you so much for this how-to. I was able to facilitate professional development with 18 teachers so they could learn and use in their classrooms.


  2. Thanks for your guide. I created a tour on poly. Now I got some issues with students having android devices to get my tour into their Google Expeditions app. It works fine for students having Iphones 6/7 when they hit the share Expedition button. Afterwards they can find it in their Expedition app. However, students having Samsung devices can’t find my tour eventhough they shared it with their Expedition app. Any idea what the problem could be?


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