A Conversation About Chromebooks in Education

I recently had the pleasure of talking about Chromebooks in education with Michelle Luhtala for an instalment of edWeb.net’s webinar series.  Michelle took one thing I mentioned to heart – look at what she created after I suggested Autodraw.com as a tool for Chromebooks during the webinar:

Created by Michelle Luhtala using Autodraw.

Michelle and I spoke about how Chromebooks differ from Windows and Mac devices as well how Chromebooks can best be used in classrooms.

Michelle documented links to tools and media we talked about using Pearltrees:

Michelle Luhtala's Pearltrees collection of links based on our Chromebooks conversation. Image links to the collection.
 Michelle’s Pearltrees collection of links based on our conversation.

Watch the webinar by clicking this link:

Do you have questions about using Chromebooks in the classroom? Comment below or tweet me @TomEMullaney.


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