360° Video – The New Frontier in Learner Engagement

YouTube is a vital tool all teachers should employ to engage learners. Teachers can use tools such as EdPuzzle and TED-Ed to build on the YouTube learning experience. Teachers can now use YouTube to share 360° videos – giving students a tactile, kinesthetic experience that allows for movement (see below) when watching videos.

Take advantage of these videos by using a YouTube search filter to find them:

Even better than having learners use a trackpad or mouse to explore a 360° video on a laptop is using the YouTube iPad app to have them explore using their fingers and movement. Watch as I demonstrate:

The YouTube Android app can do this on a touchscreen Chromebook:

The amount of 360° content on YouTube will likely continue to grow. Teachers will have access to more excellent content to share with learners. In the meantime, here are four of my favorite 360° videos, two for science teachers and two for history teachers. Click play and use a mouse (or finger on a phone or tablet) to explore all 360 degrees of each video:

If you would like to discuss this with me, please comment below or tweet me at @TomEMullaney. Thank you for reading.



  1. Very cool. I wonder if there are any for music? It would be so cool to see an orchestra performing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony, and be able to look around and see everyone doing their part. Talk about emersive, it would be like being a member of the orchestra!


  2. Love this! I know that sometimes the YouTube app also has a cardboard symbol if you can view the 360 film using goggles. Is that the case for the ones you have featured here?


    1. The Solar System video says it’s best viewed with Google Cardboard. I’ve noticed that is hit-and-miss for 360° depending on the device. You should also view it with the Cardboard app, not YouTube if using a viewer.


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